Good shit.


Skin - League (Jen / Pale / Natural)

Hair - Clawtooth (Take on me / Wheatgreyfrost)

Eyes - Clemmm (The Whites)

Makeup - Nemezi (Smokey Black)

Breasts - Lola’s (Tangos w/League skin applier)

Horns - Europa (Lokyli Horns / Charcoal) 

             AnnaA (Boron Horns)


Harness/Guns: Brutal Weapons (Desert Eagles)

Knee Gurard: Dirtyland

Necklace: HoD (Path To Forgiveness)

Belt: Fet!sh (Grenadier Belt)

Nose Mask: Cobrahive 

Nipple Piercings: Puncture (Sorry they’re so hard to see, took these pictures in a rush!) 

Goggles: SS (Villain Goggles)

Collar: Linc (Bound)


Panties: Deluxe Mesh Panties

Shoes: Tonktastic

Stockings: Luck Inc

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p.s. expect a post soonish

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This tumblr isn’t letting me update/edit anything :c

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I gave into mesh boobs


Dress: Epic Boobies - Space Colony Dress

Shrug: Panda Express - Cyber Shrug

Boots: Ison - Carazon

Stockings: T.Whore - Punk Stocking


Collar: - Bound Collar

Headband: Mijn.botique - Studs Headband

Horns: Plastik - Triz Horns

Piercings: Puncture - Anti-Eyebrow (Stud)

Rings: Bellballs Essentials - Chained Sins Ring Set


Skin: Pink Fuel - Kumi (Vanilla)

Hair: Lamb - The Bid Doll House (Milk)

Ears: Trap - Gelf

Breasts: Lola’s - Tango (With Pink Fuel skin applier)

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I was posting with CoLA Closet for a bit, though I think that’s on a bit of a hiatus for now.

Your regularly scheduled posting with start back up again soon.



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When I’m Small


S k i n . LAQ

N a i l s . Mstyle

B o d y s u i t  &  S o c k s . Graves

T o p . Boingo

T a p e - Sinistyle

S h o e s . The Abyss

H a i r . Milana (edited for hair color)

C o l l a r . Panda Express

B e l t . The Abyss

R o b o  L e g . *Epic*

E y e p a t c h . Delicious

C u f f s . Delicious

W i n g s . Flightless (Marketplace Only)

E y e s . Luck Inc

P i e r c i n g s . HoD and Hebenon Vial (Modded)

L i s t e n.

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I Left My Wallet In El Segundo


T a n k .Pumpkin (New)

B i k i n i  T o p . Luck Inc.

P a n t s . IMBUE.

S h o e s . UBU

H a i r . Lelutka

B o w . Magika

R o s a r y . The Shade Throne

S k i n . LAQ

G u m . Pink Fuel

G l o v e s . Cynful

T a t t o o . Vestigium & Nox

B a n d a i d . Reek


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I’m on one

Good Shit:

Hair - Lelutka

Skin - LAQ

Jacket - Aoharu

Bra - Glam Affair

Tights - Blowpop

Shoes - Zeery

Necklace - HoD

Cigarette - Hermony

Gloves - Cynful

Bracelets - Blitzed

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National Anthem

So, I’ve been a horrible blogger to you guys and I’m so very sorry about that. I took a bit of a break from sl and I’m finally back in the groove of it. So here’s the obligatory return post.

The good shit:

Shirt - Aoharu

Skirt - Deetalez

Hair - (Love)

Necklace - NSD

Glasses - Reek

Makeup - Pekka

Bracelet - DDL

Ears - Hebenon Vial

Shoes - Mstyle

Tattoo - Vestigium 

Skin - Laq

Eyes - ID

Nails - Mstyle

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There’s not enough sl fashion tumblrs….FIX IT

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